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Composite Insulators

Beimco Composite Insulators offer the ultimate solution in distribution & EHV transmission line insulators. The material inherently resists water filming thereby limiting the leakage of currents. So insulators with less or reduced leakage currents, even when in contaminated condition requires less frequent washing. Also Beimco Silicon Insulator has excellent hydrophobicity & superior U.V. properties, which ensure long term reliability & prevent leakage current & flashovers, which ensure you 100% safety of lines.

Beimco make silicon composite insulators ensure you 100% solution of your all the problems over the failures. Our insulators are manufactured in world’s best & most advance injection molding technology with internationally accepted product design prepared by well experienced engineers. Our silicon composite insulators have been designed confirming to international specifications & IEC standards of application of distribution & EHV transmission line IEC 61109/62217.

Beimco has in-house production facilities to produce the highest quality of Epoxy Rod by using most advance automatic pultrusion process. Our Epoxy Rods are produced with very high mechanical strength, excellent die-electric strength, and acid resistance with the use of high service temperatures. We have five pultrusion lines and thanks to their high productivity, which cover most of our needs & we have 100% control over the quality without relying on others.

We source Composite Insulators from world's best & largest silicon manufacturers. Our Composite Insulators have excellent hydrophobic properties, thus requiring nil maintenance & not required any greasing or hot line washing, thus reducing maintenance cost & time.

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Composite Disc Insulators
The Composite Disc Insulators manufactured by us are widely appreciated for their cutting-edge design. The Composite Disc Insulators are light in weight which translates into easy installation. In addition, the Composite Disc Insulators have excellent hydrophobicity as well.

Composite Pin Insulators
We are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of Composite Pin Insulators. The high-end Composite Pin Insulators are specially designed for maximum insulation. The use of top quality insulating materials ensures complete safety in various applications.